Hive Products

Many honey novices may not realize that the nectar and pollen the bees collect from different flowers creates a distinct flavor in the honey!
Kiss the Flower Honey Company offers a variety of Honeys, Pollen, Whole Frames, Wax & Candles.
We've also just launched a new Wildflower Honey Mead Wine.

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Kiss the Flower Honey Boxes - Custom wooden box holds three 12 ounce jars of California varietal raw honeys with distinct flavor notes. The perfect gift for any honey lover!


Most Popular Honey Varietals
Available in sizes of 6-64 oz glass jars

Honey is pure, raw, and lightly filtered.

Big Sur Black Button Sage has the remarkable trait of never crystalizing; this is due to the nature of special compounds in the flower nectar. Black Button sage honey comes from wild sage plants on the central coast of California that bloom March through July. This black sage variety is a favorite with mild flavor, subtle spice, light sweetness, and a balanced taste that can be paired with anything.

Blackberry honey comes from hives all over Sonoma County and is harvested after the abundant blackberry bloom is finished in July. It is super sweet with a distinct berry note - delicate, fruity and floral.

Wildflower honey produced from hives in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa comes in large part from the nectar rich and abundant Himalayan blackberries originally brought here by Luther Burbank. The diversity of forage for bees in Sonoma County makes for a medium sweet well-balanced honey.

Orange Blossom honey is from old Valencia groves in Visalia, California. It has taffy-like density due to very low moisture content. This honey has powerful citrus nose and flavor.

Our other yummy honey varietals also include Big Island Macadamia Nut, California Buckwheat, Capay Valley Coriander, Capay Valley Purple Vetch, Saw Palmetto, Sierra Toyon, Mexican Coffee Blossom, San Joaquin Valley Honeydew Melon & Willamette Valley Meadowfoam


Bee Pollen
Available in 1oz & 7oz glass jars

Bee Pollen has endless health benefits. It is one of the most nourishing foods/supplements available, containing nearly all of the nutrients required for human health. In order to derive the cleanest and most pesticide-free pollen, hives are place on the eastern side of the Sierra Nevada, 20 miles from Yosemite National Park, many miles from any commercial agriculture. This insures that honeybees harvest the pollen from wildflowers in the natural ecosystem. Bee pollen is soft with a slight sweetness and a tart finish; it melts in your mouth.


Beeswax & Candles

Everyone knows beeswax makes the best candles. Not only do they last a long time, but the aroma offers natural calming and healing. Kiss the Flower Honey Company offers both block wax and candles at many of our retail partners.